About The Work

The grid painting Alchemy II (Witness), you see here, finished in June 2023, is the seed image to a new AI assisted series entitled ‘Dwelling”.

Using no written prompts, as many who use the software do, I brought the image of this recently finished painting from my Library of Babel Series into the program and asked the AI to describe it. It got the tone right, it emulated the palette, and it picked up on the subtle imagery and symbols within the many panels of the grid. It produced “Infinite Manifestations”, a subtitle I use with the grid series itself, of visual responses / choices. There were hours, days of training and learning and then guiding it in a particular direction.

I was immersed in the process and drawn to the figurative / narrative imagery, not unlike work I had done with my Braille paper paintings (on this site). The AI also began producing work with my likeness in the imagery that ‘We’ were producing. It was scary and inspiring and brought into question the very nature of “intelligence”. I know this is controversial as so many new technologies can be, but it is here and I’m in, for now.

I continue to create physical work from a variety of materials, similar to my other collections on this website. And with this new series of work, I am currently producing limited edition Giclée prints of hi-res images using archival inks and paper..